Donald W. Reynolds

Wellness Center


The goal of the Donald W. Reynolds Community and Wellness Center is to provide a variety of family fitness activities to all area residents at affordable rates. These guidelines are designed to help you gain maximum enjoyment of the Center and its programs in a safe environment. We hope you use the Center wisely and often, and if you have any suggestions on how we can make your visits more enjoyable, please seek the assistance of the manager on duty.





Seminole's Reynolds Wellness Center encourages family use of the facility. Youth ages 9 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 years of age or older when visiting the Center, unless they are enrolled in a supervised youth program. Fitness classes do no constitue supervised youth programs. Children are the responsiblity of the parent or guardian at all times.




To provide an atmosphere of safety, courtesy, integrity and respect, the users of the Reynolds Wellness Center will adhere to a Code of Conduct. This Code applies to participants, faciltiy users recognized organizations, groups, staff and volunteers in all programs, activities and facilities. Each participant, as described above, is responsible for regulating his/her own conduct in a positive, productive manner. In the matters of general conduct, participants shall be governed by the ordinary and reasonable rules and behavior observed by law-abiding and self-respecting citizens. All members and staff have the right to be safe and feel safe while attending this facility. With this right comes the responsibility to be law-abiding citizens and to be accountable for actions that put the safety of others or oneself at risk.




The Reynolds Wellness Center is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property, or for accidents or injury to persons arising out of activities taking place on Reynolds Wellness Center grounds. Locks for lockers are available at the front desk for a nominal fee. Lockers in the locker rooms can be rented by the month.




Appropriate attire is required to participate in all programs and activities at the Center. Shirts and shoes must be worn in all activity areas. T-shirts with offensive slogans, sayings and/or pictures or graphics are not allowed. Legwear (pants, shorts, sweatpants, etc.) sagging below the waist is not allowed. Only clean, closed-toed athletic shoes with non-marking soles are permitted in all activity areas including the weight room, aerobics room, gymnasium and track. Dress shoes, sandals and work boots are not permitted in these areas. The Center reserves the right to determine what constitutes approprate attire. The Center is a wholesome family recreation center, and we ask all members, participants and visitors to keep this in mind when dressing to come to the facility.
**Some exceptions to this rule include children on the play feature, Martial Arts classes, etc.




If a paid program is canceled by the Center due to lack or registration or other circumstances, it will result in one of the following:
1. The participant may transfer to another course of equal value.
2. The participant will receive a full refund within 8-10 days after the request is made.




To ensure the privacy and protection of all Center members and users, cell phone use is restricted in certain areas of the center, namely the locker rooms and all restrooms. Please be respectful of other members while using the phone. Members and others are asked to turn cell phones to vibrate or off during any classes where a disruption may occur.




Information about programs and events will be provided in the Center's brochure, in flyers distributed around the Center, in email distribution to members, via social media (Facebook/Twitter) and the Center's website at




If there are any comments or complaints, this information can be brought forward to staff persons immediately. If a person is uncomfortable bringing a suggestion or situation forward in person, a comment box and forms are available at the front desk.




Staff at the Center will always strive to meet the needs of all participants. After many daily and special programs and events, staff will provide a written survey form to each memeber in attendance of those events. The purpose of the survey is to see is the Center is meeting the expectations of the members. Please complete the survey and return it to a staff member at your earliest convenience.




The Center is a smoke free/tobacco free and drug free facility. The possession and use of these products in the facility or on facility property is prohibited. Any person using or suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the facility.




Personal Emergencies - If a member/participant becomes ill, appropriate care will be given at once. If medical attention is needed, an ambulance will be called and the person's contact of record will be notified. Staff is not allowed to take individuals to the hospital. Members are responsible for keeping emergency contact information updated. Check with the front desk staff to check on current contact information.


Other Emergencies - All exits are designated by lighted signs. Members should listen for and follow staff's instructions in case of any emergency.


Fire Drills - At least twice a year, Center Staff will have official fire drills to practice an orderly evacuation of the building. All participants must follow all directions and instructions as provided by Center staff.




Please note the Center does not necessarily endorse any of the products or businesses that may participate in the programs offered. Business that provide programs are invited to share their information as a way of educating the public on programs and/or products or services that re available in the marketplace.




The Center will close when weather conditions make it dangerous for the operation of vehicles. Media will be informed if the facilities are closed. A voice message on the Center's phone will convey information on the opening or closing of the Center. During severe weather warnings, staff will direct all participants to shelter areas of the facility (locker rooms, main level) until the warning expires.




All are asked to clean up after themselves at whichever activity they are involved in. There is a janitor on duty and staff will assist in cleaning the Center on a daily basis, but we ask everyone's help in keeping the facilty clean.


Lost and Found - All lost and found items are kept in a safe place until claimed. No items are returned without a detailed description. If items are not retrieved within two weeks, they are turned over to a charitable organization. The Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles/items.




No photography, video taping, filming or audio recording is permitted without expressed permission from the management of the Center. No signs, posters, advertisements or decorations may be placed in the facility without approval from the Director of Facility Manager.




The Center reserves the right to close all or parts of the facility at any time for as long as necessary to perform repairs and maintenance. Advance notice of closing and repairs will be posted as soon as possible.




Persons not satisfied with a paid program for any reason after attending the first program meeting may request a full refund, transfer or credit. A pre-rated refund or credit may be requested after the second program meeting. All refund requests msut be made prior to the end date of the program. All refund requests for one day programs must be made 24 hours in advance.




We ask that participants please sign in at each activity in which they participate. The sign in sheets should be located in the room where the activity is to be held or a the front desk. The sign in sheets provide staff with the details of how many people are using the Center, as well as providing a list of attendees in case of emergencies.