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Internships and Volunteer Programs

Click HERE to see rolls of interns.

At Reynolds Wellness Center, we are proud and happy to work with student interns as a way to bridge the gap between formal and academic training and practial work experience.

We provide a platform for interns to help themselves grow professionally and personaly while prositively impacting the quality of life in Seminole.


The Center accepts applications for volunteers to assist with the needs of our members. Volunteers can perform a wide variet of tasks, from working at the front desk handing out equipment and towels to keeping the neat and orderly appearance of our Center or assisting staff with special programs or events.


Special hobbies, skills or knowledge is also welcome at the center! Share your interests with others by hosting a class or sponsoring a club or event.


Be a part of our team - your time and support will help the Reynolds Wellness Center become an even greater success.

Click HERE for a Volunteer Application!