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Monday-Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 8pm
Saturday 7am - 6pm
Sunday 1pm - 6pm
1001 East Strother Avenue
Seminole, Oklahoma 74868
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The Reynolds Wellness Center is a controlled access facility. Members, renters and guests must enter and scan in with their membership ID card at the front desk. A membership card is issued to each member age 10 and older.

Click here for Member Information and Use Guidelines.

The Center has worked diligently to make the process as painless as possible. There are several ways to purchase a membership, including payment in full and automatic draft from a credit or debit card. Please ask facility staff for information on these options.

Member services include:


Membership Type Bank Draft Pre-Pay
Youth (10-18) $15.00 per month $150.00 per year
Individual (19-54) $25.00 per month $250.00 per year
Individual+Dependant $35.00 per month $350.00 per year
Family (2 adults, 3 dependants) $45.00 per month $450.00 per year
Senior Individual (55 and over) $15.00 per month $150.00 per year
Senior+Senior Spouse (Both 55+) $27.50 per month $275.00 per year
Senior+non-Sr. Spouse or Dependant $35.00 per month $350.00 per year
Full Time Student $19.50 per month $195.00 per year


A one-time administrative fee of $25.00 is applied at the time of enrollment. Reynolds Center staff are available to answer any questions regarding membership type definitions and any other charges that may apply.

Corporate Memberships

Companies and businesses that have more than five employees that wish to join the Center can apply for a Corporate Membership Rate for their employees. Requests for these rates must be made on company letterhead. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Center during business hours.

Membership Type Bank Draft Pre-Pay
Corporate Individual $22.50 per month $225.00 per year
Corporate Family $40.00 per month $400.00 per year


Non-Member Passes

30-day passes, Day passes, Punch passes and Class passes are available to individuals with a valid government issued identification card. Restrictions may apply to non-member passes.

Day Pass (age 3-9)

$5 per day

Day Pass (age 10-54)

$10 per day

Day Pass (age 55 and over)

$5 per day

30-Day Pass (expires 30 days from date issued)

$40 per pass

Child Care Pass* (20 hour pass)

$30 per pass

Child Care Pass* (60 hour pass)

$60 per pass

Group Exercise Class Pass (restricted access)

$4 per class

20 Visit Punch Pass (ages 3-54)

$150 per pass

20 Visit Punch Pass (age 55 and over)

$100 per pass



*Child care hourly rates available with purchase of a pass